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Logo | IAT Junior Dhein

Logo | IAT Junior Dhein

In a triumphant convergence of design and identity, we are proud to reveal the result of an invigorating creative journey—the official logo for Wagner Luiz Dhein Junior, a certified firearms instructor of the highest caliber. Junior's new emblem is not merely a symbol but a narrative that encapsulates his expertise, professional ethos, and personal heritage.

The logo stands as a monolithic structure, blending the elegance of neutral tones with the indomitable strength of steel. The initials 'JD' are forged with a precision that mirrors Junior's meticulous nature as an instructor. Each letter has been crafted with attention to gradient, light, and shadow, creating a three-dimensional effect that commands respect and attention.

Crowning the composition is a motif reminiscent of a firearm's muzzle, signifying the focus and accuracy inherent to Junior's profession. This icon is strategically placed above the 'JD', symbolizing the peak of expertise that Junior has achieved and the target of excellence he sets for his trainees.


The color scheme is a masterful execution of restraint and significance. The grayscale tones convey sophistication and professionalism, while a subtle shimmer lends the design a premium feel. In a nuanced nod to his Brazilian roots, the colors of the national flag are distilled into a singular, gleaming point of light that radiates from the heart of the emblem, speaking of Junior's pride in his heritage.


Below the emblematic 'JD', the full title 'IAT Junior Dhein' is inscribed, identifying the brand and the man behind it with clarity and confidence. The font choice is deliberate, balancing modernity with timelessness, ensuring the logo's enduring relevance.

In this logo, every element is charged with meaning—each curve, shade, and gleam is a testament to Junior's journey, a path marked by discipline, precision, and passion. This is not just a logo; it is a declaration of expertise, a hallmark of trust, and a beacon for all aspiring marksmen who seek to learn from the best.


The JD Firearms Instructor logo stands as a paragon of design, a perfect alignment with the client's vision, and an identity that Junior wears with well-earned pride. It is more than Junior hoped for—it is everything his brand needed.

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