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terms and conditions


Terms & conditions

  • Content should reach within 10 days from the date of signup.

  • All kind of images, files, fonts, logos, frames, infographics and material etc used for the website creation should be either provided by Client or allow Lioonnize to purchase/create on your behalf.

  • Operation hours: Monday thru Friday 10:00 am till 5:30pm IST. For international customers apart from India we can setup a comfortable time slot.

  • We’ll start development only upon the receival of the final content and/or after the advance payment.

  • After receival of the final content, any request in content change will result extra charges based on the stage of the development and its impact on the design.

  • We’ll not able to accommodate any changes to the content or design after your approval taken in Review-1; as by this time we would’ve already committed our resources for designing and graphics.

  • Delivery will be done as per the proposal defined business days from the date of received of final content and/or payment of advance.

  • Client should be responsible for changing passwords of all the Platforms including domain immediately after delivery.

  • Any delay from Client that pushes the delivery beyond 10 days will be billed at minimum US$50 per day losses bases or depending upon the severity of the project, its commplexibilivy and resources involved in the project.

  • All kinds of costs related to Platform, hosting server or any of its app will be borne by Client .

  • Lioonnize will not be doing any kind of Web Marketing for Client involved for website designing roject.

  • Entire development will be done on Full High Definition resolutions i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels with aspect ratio of 16:9. 

  • Since this is going to be built in WiX (near responsive design), placement of website elements may change based on the display resolution (pixels) and aspect ration.

  • All the reviews and support will be done online via TeamViewer/ Zoom, Google Duo, Skype or WhatsApp.

  • We’ll not be responsible if the design is modified or changed by anyone else or a 3rd party apart from Lioonnize.

  • Lioonnize will interact with only 1 point of contact from Client .

  • Lioonnize will reveal platform details only after realisation of cost stated in the proposal.

  • Support: All kind of support will be provided from the Platform/WiX via their ticket management.

  • Trainings: Lioonnize will walk thru the process of dashboard and apps once to the ‘Single Point of Contact’ for maximum 30 mins.

  • Though website is having unlimited bandwidth from server side with blazing fast response time. But there are tons of factor that effects website load-time… including user’s / visitor’s internet provider’s speed, its connectivity at last mile, traffic conditions within user’s own network etc.

  • Apart from this T&C of the proposal, Lioonnize will not sign any other NDA, SLA or another agreement.

  • Any errors that causes damage, loss, liability, costs and expenses of any kind will be capped at US$ 100.

  • We’ll be giving total 3 reviews:

  • Review-1: All the place holder is defined with contains, water-marked images OR images provided by Client. At this stage you’ll be reviewing the layouts, check the draft reading.

  • Review-2: At this stage you’ll review corrections taken care from Review-1 feedback. Once we get your go-ahead at this stage we’ll start building mobile website design and prepare the site for review-3.

  • Review-3: All the corrections are done and mobile website is created. You need to check your entire website thoroughly for the last time. Once we get your go ahead, we’ll prepare and transfer website to go live.

  • Please note: Once we transfer the website ownership, you’ve configure the domain settings. As a global standards it takes about 15 mins to 48 hours for global servers to populate the website. It is depended on many factors including Domain Registrar/ Domain provider standards.

  • Payment Terms:

  • Payments will be done directly to Lioonnize’s bank account or via PayPal.

  • Client will directly deal for Hosting and application usage related to SLAs or NDAs with platform/WiX.

  • None of the amount paid will be refunded in any circumstances.

  • Any delay in payment will be charged at 5% per month on the balance amount.

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